Scrapbook-style cover image with one picture in each four corners showing boy at different ages doing the things he loves. Book title "The Things I Love" in the center.

The Things I Love

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It's bedtime! A boy and his mother snuggle up with his memory book to relive all the many things he loves. But what does he love most of all?

Part "what boys are made of" / Part mama one-upping her son, this story is sure to stir up nostalgia, give ideas for a kid bucket list, and pull on the heartstrings.

See inside the book below!

*Books arriving late Summer 2024*

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"A charming children's book with a vivid scrapbook-style layout."

"An appreciation for the small things in life that aren't very small at all,
this is a beautifully illustrated book with enduring themes of friendship, exploration, and family."

-Self-Publishing Review

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"[C]harming picture book..."

"A beautiful example of love put into words, The Things I Love appeals as much to parents as to children. [...] The text is short, rhythmic, and engaging, making it a fine choice for emerging readers. But it is the imagery that will capture the attention of kids of all ages, as every illustration is colorful, emotive, and vibrant."

"An uplifting book for early readers and pre-readers as well as a lovely treat for parents. The Things I Love is a sentimental trip down memory lane that will leave you eager to spend your time with family."

-Jordan Ehmann, Indies Today

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"The Things I Love is a beautifully emotive little picture book, and author Christina M. Carroll pulls together many themes in a remarkably short story. We see an emphasis on the bond between a child and their caregiver and how this fosters feelings of love, security, and comfort. It is also a celebration of individual interests, affirming the importance of self-identity and self-expression. The son's diverse interests and activities encourage children to embrace their own unique passions and personalities. Jenny Slife brings the story to life with illustrations that are vibrant and colorful and have a realistic feel in line with the popular contemporary animations most children associate with their favorite shows."

"I love that the family depicted is Black, particularly as a father to children of color. This strengthens the themes of diversity in children's literature, which, while improving, needs books like this for full inclusivity."

"Very highly recommended."

-Asher Syed, Readers' Favorite

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Quill says: "The Things I Love is such a sweet book, one that will make you smile on every page and one you’ll want to read snuggled up with your child at bedtime, each and every night."

"The Things I Love is a fantastic debut book for author Christina M. Carroll and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for future books."

-Feathered Quill Review (click for full review)

"Tender and visually appealing, a child's-eye appreciation of happy days and parental love."

"With genuine warmth and a delightful sweetness, the story ends with the boy's tribute to Mom's place in his heart and a lump-in-the-throat-inducing twist, giving her the last, loving word."

-Kirkus Reviews (click for full review)