The Orange Chair

The Orange Chair is an indie publisher that takes pride in the painstaking details to present high-quality works that encourage social and emotional well-being, that spark curiosity and joy, that expose children (and parents!) to new adventures, and that convey big concepts for little readers.  The Orange Chair also aims to provide picture books for independent readers.


Founder & Author, Christina M. Carroll

Photograph of Founder and Author, Christina M. Carroll, with light brown skin, long wavy black hair, and a big smile

As Mama to a curious two-year-old boy, a knows-what-she-wants five-year-old daughter, and her bonus son they look up to - the cool big brother, with another nugget on the way (!), Christina has quite the inspiration for her stories.  Not to mention she's a (big) kid at heart.  She's also learned firsthand why representation matters based on her own lived experiences, raising Afro-Latino kids, the books she reads, and the encounters she's had (and still has) throughout life.  That's why she started The Orange Chair to bring that representation to you! 

Christina lives in Texas with her kiddos and husband where she daylights (and sometimes all-nights) as a trial attorney handling commercial litigation.  She loves writing the many more books coming on the horizon, spanning topics from heritage, family life, and childhood diseases to food and animals - with plenty of whimsy in there too.