Join the Launch Team!

What’s A Book Launch Team?  It’s a team of people who want to support me and this authorship journey by spreading the news about my book(s)!

What Does This Entail?  Mostly telling friends and friends; posting on social media, if you have any accounts; and sharing review(s) about the book.

What Do I Receive?  At the outset, I’ll give you a pdf copy of my book—NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION.  If you decide to complete the book launch tasks, you’ll receive a code for 50% off the hardcopy print version of the book.

What’s Your Book?  The Things I Love is a countdown bedtime story about a boy and his mother flipping through the pages of his memory book to relive all the many things he loves.  I first started writing the book about my daughter but happened to be pregnant with my son.  Emmy was already inspiration for a number of my books; maybe I should make this one about Bennett, I reasoned.  My favorite part is the last page, especially when I watch a (boy) mom read it.

What’s The Orange Chair?  I started my authorship journey in 2018 – well, technically in second grade circa 1998 with Mrs. Points’ Reading Restaurant.  When I rediscovered my love for writing, I realized I wanted to make a business out of it.  Through more exploration and diving deep into those memories, I further realized how much of my book-loving journey began with my Gma (maternal grandmother).  She would read for hours in her orange chair.  I named my company after it.  I share more about it on my blog on (“Why ‘The Orange Chair’?”).

Where Do I Sign Up?  Below.


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